A Brief Affair by Miss Mac (500 words)

It's said "music tames the savage beast" , music can soothe, give confidence, bring a tear to your eye, but what about people who make music, does it effect them the way it effects me? 

The sensuality of music first struck me as I watched the school band play, the saxophone player, his mouth teasing the chords, his fingers caressing  the tune, I wondered what those hands would feel like on me, could he play me like an instrument?

From that moment I was hooked, watching live music whenever I could, when my husband was working  I'd to go to a Bar that showcased new musicians, that's where I met Declan.

6'1 with piercing green eyes, dark closely cropped hair, he has the kind of  look that makes you itch to touch him, the kind of sparkle that makes a girl melt, and not so much a come to bed smile, more come fuck me now. 

It was almost the end of the night before Declan sat at the piano and started to play. The air of confidence that surrounded him as he played was intoxicating, I drew my gaze from the keyboard, let my eyes slide over his face and blushed as I realised  he was watching me as intently as I was him. His eyes smiled at me, he continued to play. 

Glancing around the club I realised that there were only a few people left, most involved in their own  conversations, the staff chatted quietly, no one really aware of him 

Looking towards him again, he nodded his head, he continued to play. 

"I want you," he mouthed.

When he had finished, Declan came to my table.

"That was  fantastic"  I said 
 He placed his hand on my thigh, running his thumb in circles against the exposed flesh.  His breath quickened as his hands found their way under my skirt, "Where can we go?" 

I gasped at his boldness, whispered, "My car's outside." 

"Good," he said,grabbing my hand and led me across the bar, out the door.
 "Where's your car?" 

I pointed out my car, I grabbed the keys, opened the car, Declan walked round to the passenger side, climbed in "Let's go."

The tension between us as we drove was electric, he settled his hand on my thigh, slowly began to creep upwards, I tightened my grip on the steering wheel as he began to tease  me.
Within seconds of stopping we were wrapped in each other, kissing furiously. "I want you," I groaned. "I need you." 

His eyes glittered.

Climbing out, he led me to the front of the car, lifted me up onto the bonnet. 

I gasped as my flesh met cold metal I  tilied back offering myself to him.

"Please," I whispered.

We drove back to the bar car park in silence. I pulled into the space that I had left earlier, Declan leaned across and kissed me

Glancing down  I admired our matching wedding bands.

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