Facebook Friends (488 Words)

It's a dreary Monday morning when it happens. 
After months of desperate attention seeking status updates, Smiths Lyrics, declarations of undying love. He finally posted it "Robert Taylor changed his relationship to single"

My heart skips a beat, I feel giddy and a little sick.
It is hard to take in, after all these years he would finally be mine.
There is much to do first though.
First things first and I ring work, say I'm sick. 
How it must be this 24 hour flu going round, how hopefully I'll be in tomorrow, how I'm so sorry, you know how much I hate letting people down.

I think they buy it, in the three years I've been there I haven't had a single sick day.
If they don't I'm past caring I have waited too long for this moment to arrive and I'm not missing it now.
I throw some clothes into an overnight bag and check the route, I know it like the back of my hand. One hundred and Eight miles, two hours and thirty five minutes.
I've planned this trip for years, dreamed of driving across country to see him.
To tell him how I feel after all these years.

Before I leave I double check the update, make sure it definitely says what I think it says, I'd hate to drive all the way there and find out he is still married.

Judging by the amount of sympathy pouring onto his page, all the offers of shoulders to cry on, of nights out promised. Declarations of how he is better off without her, how she isn't worth it M8. 
Its not only true but I better get a move on if I want to get in first.

I jump in the car and get on my way, driving a little too fast across the country roads trying to trim a few precious minutes off, eat the miles between us up.
My mind is racing, I can't concentrate properly, can't settle on a radio station, aren't comfortable in my seat, in my clothes, in my skin.

As I get nearer and nearer the doubt starts to eat away at me, is this the right thing to do? Will he even remember me?

I find his house easily, park the car up and take a few minutes to try and stop my hands from shaking, to build up the courage to actually do this.

I take a deep breath, get out of the car and march to his door.
I ring the bell, hammer on the door, desperation is starting to kick in.

After what feels like an eternity he answers, he has obviously been crying and looks a shell of the person I knew. He looks at me his eyes not quite believing what stands before him, all he can muster is a pathetic "Hello?"
And I say it.

"Robert, I fucking hated you at school"

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