Football Crazy by Vincent Furnier (437 Words)

He's football mad that Pete. Everyone at work knows that. Plays every weekend without fail. Sometimes a weekday kick-about too.

I hear he had a trial with The City when he was younger. The boy's fearless. Always first into a tackle, takes no prisoners.

Never backs down from a ruck either. Few weeks back he played against the estate boys & it all kicked off. Turned up Monday looking like Simon Weston!
Stood his ground though.  Top boy!

His missus works here too. You know Karen? Works evenings?  Dainty ginger lass with the perky tits? Cute little thing.

They're a nice couple, seem really good together. I've heard he was a bit of a lad till they got together. Seems to have settled with her though. Good
for them. (Good for him anyway!)

There they are now "hey Pete, stop the ball with your face again? Cracking black eye mate! What's he like! Is he always coming home to you like this

Karen rolls her eyes and gives Pete a look. A look that to anyone else conveys chagrin and exasperation , with a touch of sympathy and concern. A look that says "yes, but he's my Pete & I love him"

Pete knows different

Pete knows that look. That look says "go on, tell them what really happened, go on, I fucking dare you"

Truth is. Pete hates football. Has no interest in it. certainly can't play it. last time Pete kicked a ball was junior school and that wasn't through

It started with one little lie.

"I got it playing football"

it seemed a lot more plausible than

"I walked into a door"

Which in turn was preferable to

"One night, after 3 litres of cider, Karen smashed a plate into my face because she'd seen me talking to a woman in the canteen"

She loves him. She doesn't want to lose him. He's got to be shown how much she cares. As often as it takes.

True, the woman he was talking to was Dorothy, AKA "old Dot" so called because she's worked on the canteen since the year dot, but still, best not to take chances. Given his reputation she can't afford to give him any slack, she couldn't stand to lose him

 She's not sure why he stays. Last season he was out of action for 4 weeks with a sprained ankle. Truth was, he was pissing blood for a week after she caught him talking to a shop assistant in Asda.

He knows why he stays.
He knows how hard she hits.
He won't take the chance another girl might hit that bit harder.

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