Hello and welcome to the James Josiah Flash Project or as no one will call it TJJFP.

My name isn't really James Josiah but it is the one I opt to write under. And this is my Flash Project.

What is a Flash Project? I hear no one cry!

Flash fiction is a type of short story, really short short stories. There are no defined limits but I will work under a self imposed limit of 500 words.
500 words no more, normally less.

And that is the only limit I am setting myself in terms to content. So don't be surprised if one day I'm writing about dinosaurs and then the next entry is about what ever the opposite of a dinosaur is.
A creationist?

 I will be publishing every Monday, Wednesday and Friday normally around dinnertime and then spamming them on twitter using the catchy hashtag  #TJJFP using the name @donttelltales

I have the attention span of a gnat, this is why flash seems to click with me and that is why there will the occasional typo / jumbling of words.
Point one out to me and I shall send you a shiny penny!

This first entry is exactly 200 words long

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