A Kingdom Under Threat (257 Words)

Closing his eyes and letting out a sigh he muttered "One final push" under his breath.
He had rode hard all day, leaving the keep at first light, crossing the marshes and the moors, chasing the sun across his kingdom.

There had long been the threat of an uprising in the western territories, he should have known better than leaving his bitter twin brother in charge. 
Still jealous after all these years of missing out on being the heir by a few minutes.

Still jealous despite the hard fought battles where they had stood side by side against the Orc threat from the south, despite the numerous assassination attempts, the constant struggle between getting enough taxes in and keeping the folk happy.

And now this, yes the salt mines do provide the lions share of the income for the kingdom. The McCulloch tribes in the mountains do still provide the biggest, strongest if also the dumbest soldiers who are then scattered across the lands to defend the borders.

But he has always failed to see how much the rest of the kingdom helps those in the west return, the produce grown in the South, the boar, oxen and venison from the North, all of this held together by the seat of power that has been in the East for countless centuries.

The tolling of a bell disturbs his thoughts, drags him back to reality, he sighs again opens his eyes and picks up the phone.
"Morgan, McVeigh and Platers, Nathan speaking how can I help you?"

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