Honoured By Alan Nash (496 Words)

It wasn't really his fault, he knew that, so why did he feel as though he'd let her down? Why did he feel as though he'd taken the money they'd worked so hard to save and thrown it away on the grandest of scales? She'd milked the overtime, she'd cancelled holiday and she'd practically broken herself in a bid to raise the funds. Why had she done it? Why had she put herself through that? She'd done it for him, hadn't she? She'd done it to make his dream a reality and it'd all been for what? For sitting in a dark, cold hotel with no power, no hot water and nothing to do but what they were doing now - walking the streets and taking in the devastation that hammered home his failure with the most dramatic of exclamation points.

He'd been planning it for nearly a year, this idyllic trip to New York. He'd spent months regaling her with stories of the place, constantly telling her how much she'd love it and boring her to death with an endless slideshow of pictures. She'd been reluctant at first, unsure as to whether they'd be able to afford it, but eventually he'd won her over and he'd watched with delight as she'd thrown herself into the plan with more gusto than he could ever have anticipated. But that was the kind of person she was, wasn't it? No matter what the dream was, if she could support it, she would. More than that, she would drive it and at no point would she allow his enthusiasm to wane. Purely and simply, she was a giver, an inspiration that he was so fortunate to have in his life, and that was why he felt so badly about all of this.

The hurricane hit just four days before they'd been due to fly out and they'd both watched the news intently as images of the destruction had flashed across their television. Her first thought had been to see if there was any way they could cancel the trip and get their money back, or maybe rearrange it for a later date, but he'd been so desperate to bring her here that he'd even surprised himself with the vigour he'd shown in assuring her it would be ok.

Then they'd arrived here and found themselves in a world of chaos, surrounded by the brave attempt of the locals to piece their lives back together. All around them they saw people rushing to each other's aid, every one of them pitching in no matter what their social status might have previously been. He looked back at her, at the smile that'd remained unwavering throughout all of this hell, and he realised just how special she was. Expecting the response he'd feared would shatter his heart, he held his breath as she looked up at him and answered the question that'd brought them here in the first place.
"Yes" she smiled.

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