The Inheritance (428 Words)

When my granddad died he left me his pocket watch in his will. 
He loved that watch, was always checking it, he would wind and polish it every day, they had to pry it out of his hands when he died.

He had inherited it off his grandfather, who had inherited it off his. 
Its been in the family for hundreds of years.
I was honoured he chose me to have it, especially as we weren't exactly what you would call close in the later years of his life. You know how families are, I was too busy at work and we just sort of drifted apart.

When Gran gave it to me she placed it in my hands, clutched hers over mine and with tears in her eyes said " His last words were that you should have this, he died checking his time, you know he lived by the clock"

I smiled and said " I remember how he would never tell you what time it was just that we still had plenty of time left, I hope I can live my life like that"

It was a promise I intended to keep at the time, I never knew how prophetic those words would become.

When I got the watch home and had a look at it, I noticed it had stopped at twelve o'clock exactly, all three hands were perfectly inline.

I set it to the correct time and wound it up, that familiar soothing ticking sound kicked in. The second hand started on its merry way, it took me a few seconds to realise it was travelling the wrong way round, then I noticed the date window said  .

I sat spellbound and watched as the hand carried on spinning anti-clockwise, when the minute hand followed suit I let out an involuntary giggle. I sat and waited and watched, I knew it was going to happen but I wanted undeniable proof, then sure enough the hour hand followed the other two on its backwards trail.

I popped into to see Gran one night after work and mentioned the pocket watch and how the hands went backwards, all she said was that it wasn't exactly a watch and that I should keep an eye on it.

All that was years ago, I still have the pocket watch, I clean it and  wind it every day. A few weeks ago the date window changed, it said 99, the day after it said 98, then 97, then, well you get the idea.

Looks like I don't have plenty of time left after all.

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