The Many Deaths Of Adam Brimble (364 Words)

He settles back into his plush first class seat and looks at his watch, there are still fifteen minutes left, so he presses the button that summons one of the gorgeous air hostesses and orders a drink.

Gin and Tonic in hand he gazes out of the window, smiles at how small the world looks below him, how the cars look like toys, the rivers like veins.

Another glance at the watch, five minutes, he closes his eyes and once again debates the frailty of life.
With two minutes to go he finishes his drink, the gin burns hot in his stomach . He glances around the cabin full of business types all hammering away at laptops or burying themselves in the financial times.
All so alike yet all so alone.
They won't be missed.
Not in the grand scheme of things anyway.

Thirty seconds now, he undoes his seatbelt, reclines his chair as far as it will go back and braces himself. This is his favourite way to die.

The explosion rips through the plane, tearing a hole in the fuselage scattering luggage and bodies for miles. The cabin is full of smoke and screaming. He smiles to himself about how futile screaming is in situations like this.
The plane breaks into two parts only the people who are belted in remain where they are meant to be. 

Adam Brimble adopts the classic pose of Dracula in his coffin, arms crossed over his chest, legs out straight.
While all around him is chaos and flailing limbs, he calmly, serenely, rockets out of the plane like a missile

At 30,000 feet and dropping like a stone he remembers what it was like when he could fly. 
Before he was cast aside and condemned to walk the earth for eternity after daring to question Gods willingness to let humans suffer.

He knows all there is to know about suffering now, he understands why she allows it, after a while it becomes fun, after the first few hundred years compassion becomes a chore, empathy a distant memory.

Its only in these final few seconds before he hits the floor that he ever feels alive these days.

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