Bad Samaritan By Thom J. Wallace (493 Words)

Bad Samaritan

The girl is standing in the middle of the road.
She's waving, clearly distressed.
I need to be in town, but I pull up alongside her, not too close. I don't want to be accused of anything; you see that happening more and more these days.

I open the window. "what's the problem?"

The little girl looks panicked "It's my Daddy. He's collapsed."

There is something strange about the scene I can't quite put my finger on. The girl is dressed immaculately in her school uniform. Black blazer, skirt, a red jumper under which she has a red and black tie and white shirt.

I'm still wary, a schoolgirl out here in the middle of the nowhere.

"Okay sweetie. Tell me what happened? Where's your daddy, how come you're standing out here?"
"My Daddy's a carpenter. I went to kiss him goodbye, he just fell down, he's lying there in the barn."

I kill the engine and step out of the car. Clearly there's a problem and no sign of anybody else to help so it's down to me.

She heads back to the house, she seems in no hurry, almost scared of what she'll find. I follow closely but not too closely. I'm still wary.

We get round to the back of the house and I can see the corner of the barn. The sides are corrugated metal. The roof is that semi-transparent corrugated plastic.

The girl rushes round the corner of the barn and I follow only to be greeted by a scene from a horror movie.
In the middle of the barn is a large band saw and all over the saw and the floor is covered with blood.
The one thing that's missing though is anybody collapsed.

"That's strange" She says l "he was here 5 minutes ago."

"Was he bleeding when he collapsed?"

I'm beginning to sense something seriously wrong here and turn to go back and ring the police.   I'm not quick enough, something heavy bounces off the corner of my head and everything is black.

I'm not sure how long I've been unconscious . I open my eyes,but all I can see is the roof of the barn. I try to get up but my feet are tied to a steel bench. I try my hands but they too are secured. 

"I'm sorry son, nothing personal. I should've done it while you was asleep."

I turn my head and there he is. He's a big man, His hair is thinning but has a thick beard. He's wearing a black and red lumberjack shirt, dungarees. There is blood all over his arms but it isn't his.

"What do you mean?" I ask slowly

"Well you know how it is son, times is hard but we still gotta eat."

The last thing I hear is the sound of the band saw starting up, the last thing I feel is the first touch of the metal blade.

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