Contingency Plan by Vincent Furnier (491 Words)

If they ever capture us, if we're ever separated we need a plan to find each other. This is our plan.

Step 1: initial contact through social media
We've got our secret code names, I know hers, she knows mine. They're surreptitious; unique enough that they don't already exist but not so unique they'd stand out or would give us away.
We haven't set these up yet. To do so would tie them to our existing IP addresses and therefore back to us if they've got the technology to check (and they have). Better to set them up afresh as they're needed via a cybercafé or library & check them often

Step 2:  verification
There's no telling what lengths they'll go to in order to find us so we can't be lax, we can't just swap facebook emails saying  "hi its <redacted> is that <redacted>? It is? Great lets meet at <redacted>" then turn up & be recaptured. We'd need to be sure so we'd need to test one another. We need secret questions with answers only we'd know
hers is "what's the topping on my birthday pizza"
mine is "what colour was my favourite toy"
(*NB – those are not our real questions)

step 3: move onto phones
social media is notorious for being monitored, tracked and traced. Nothing is ever thrown away. Every time you look at a profile or photo, every time you search for someone, its logged.
Once initial contact is made, better to move off social media & onto burners – disposable PAYG mobile phones, bought with cash.
Keep them cheap enough & they won't have GPS so only their approximate location can be triangulated. Much less reliable for them so much safer for us.
But how to get the number to one another?
We're back to codes and social media. Back to only things we would know then, if the answer is a word, count the letters to convert it to a number.

Here we go,
  • All mobile numbers start with 07, so that's known.
  • Anything that adds to more than 9, add the integers together till you get a single integer (eg: 17 = 1+7 = 8)
  • Spaces don't count

here we go,  this is my current mobile number.

The 3rd number is the fake hippy's favourite pub
The 4th number was my flatmate when you first visited my flat
The 5th number is the place we went (that you loved) after we'd met the monkeys
The 6th number is what made you laugh out loud at Scott & Rach's wedding
The 7th number is the capacity of my fridge
The 8th number is how many kittens my mam's cat had
The 9th number is what my brother used to call his best mate
The 10th number is my Christmas drink
The 11th number is how much my first car cost

The above number is genuine. If you can answer the questions it'll give you my number. Ring me if you can

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