Easy Prey (497 Words)

They smell of cigarettes,  cheap perfume and cheaper cider, I don't normally hunt drunks but it's been too long since I last fed,  I'm growing weaker by the night.

They walk arm in arm, leaning into each other at a precarious angle, both relying on the other to hold them up. They giggle loudly seemingly at random. Neither knows I am behind them, they are totally oblivious to the outside world, content in their little drunken bubble.

I follow them for a while hoping they'll sober up a little but also enjoying the hunt, even as easy as this one is. 

Eventually we are well away from town and prying eyes. I know the window of opportunity is closing as they could live anywhere around here and I'm not in the mood or shape for breaking and entering.

I cough politely to announce my presence, they don't hear so I cough a little louder threatening to lose a lung, stars dance across of my eyes.

Thankfully this gets their attention and they drunkenly spin around, still giggling.

"Good evening ladies" I say in my best posh voice, throwing in an overly courteous bow for extra effect.

They aren't impressed and  giggle even louder, one of them declares she thinks she has wet herself.

I make an executive decision to stop with the pleasantries and flash the fangs at them. Somewhat unsurprisingly this makes them giggle even more.

"Oh-Em-Gee are you meant to be a vampire?" one of them slurs at me.

"Why yes I am, aren't you afraid little girls?" I reply teasingly.

" I love Twilight!" The other squeals.

I have been down this path before, that franchise has ruined people's ideas about us, they want us to sparkle and fall in love with them. I am a creature of the night, an object of your darkest nightmares.

As a show of strength and to deliver a crystal clear message I pluck her head off her shoulders and casually toss it aside. Her mate stands blinking dumbly at me.

I offer a sheepish grin and an apology. She knows her fate now, you can finally see the fear sink in, she is quickly sobering up. Which is good as I could do without the headache later.

She starts to cry, I hate it when they cry I'd rather they beg and plead or at least try and fight back. The crying makes me feel bad not just  for them but about myself. Maybe I should try and cheer her up a bit first?

I clear my throat and start to serenade her.

"It's no coincidence.
That Cullen rhymes with sullen.
It's just like hollyoaks but without the jokes
That young miss Bella, all she wanted was a fella!"

I put some real umpf into the last line and this makes her smile.
That's good enough for me so I lunge in, drinking deep, tasting the happiness.

It was never this much work in Bram Stokers day.

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