Love Like Blood (394 Words)

The opening notes are slowly, tentatively, picked out. Then there is the briefest of pauses, barely a second or two, before the chugging, brutal, main riff comes crashing in.

In this pause he holds his breath, bites his bottom lip and  closes his eyes.

It feels like a lifetime, the anticipation for what is to follow is ecstasy.

And then when it comes and the riff kicks in the release is like an orgasm, it's better than an orgasm it's the cleanest, purest drug giving the ultimate dizzying high.

Few people understand how he feels about music, his hunger, his passion for it.

It's all encompassing, when he finds a new song or a new band he becomes a man possessed, looking for more by them, devouring B-sides, bootlegs, demos, side projects, collaborations anything he can get his hands on.

In a perverse way he prefers to stumble across a band who have already split up, their work already behind them. Without the threat of new material, tours and the terrifying prospect of them splitting up hanging over him. He can afford to take his time, truly savour the music, live in-between the notes.

He goes through fads of listening to only one type of music, maybe even only one band for weeks at a time. On even rare occasions it'll just be one song that gets under his skin, just those few minutes of excellence the only thing that will sate him, calm his soul.

Every so often he finds himself in the doldrums when he can't settle on a single genre, band or tune. The longer this goes on the worse he becomes, sullen and withdrawn, angry with himself, the world in general. When he finally finds what it is he has been looking for he can and has before now cried at the relief.

His parents loved music, his dad always told him that there is no such thing as too loud, of late he is starting to doubt this. He woke up a few months ago with a whistling in his left ear and now everything sounds muffled, like he is underwater.

He knows what is happening and it terrifies him, he'd sooner go blind than deaf but the damage is done. Every day the world grows that little bit more quieter.

Soon, he knows he'll wake up in silence.

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