Manman (439 Words)

I blame the movies.

I mean I've always read comics, always loved comics but the movies made it all seem so much more realistic and a viable career path.

My (first) major downfall was a distinct lack of super powers, this didn't stop Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne ... but I don't have their fortunes.

Lack of powers aside I'm also carrying a few extra pounds, ok so its close to a hundred meaning lycra isn't such a hot look on me. So I'm wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt, I still have the cape, the cape is important for swooping and shielding and stuff.

The next problem was the mask, wearing glasses doesn't really allow for disguises all that much, Superman aside of course but he didn't really need his, it was all a ruse.

Essentially what I'm doing is wearing a balaclava over my glasses, if I run too far or go from outside to indoors too quickly they steam up.

Quite a few perps have made their escape while I try and demist myself.

The next hurdle was the name, all the cool names have been taken and my favourite names have always been the ones that let you know where you stand with the character.

Superman he's super!
Spiderman he's like a spider!
Batman he likes bats! 

The Punisher he punishes people! 
Ironman he wears a suit made out of a gold and titanium alloy!

I debated this for weeks, tried drawing different logos based on the various names I came up with.
The logo is the most important thing.

I used logic and reasoning and based on the fact I have no powers and am just a man fighting crime I eventually went with Manman.

The crudely drawn logo on my t-shirt is a white M in a red circle. 

Yes it looks like I'm promoting chocolate but I'm using it to throw would be super villains off guard a little, get inside their heads like.

So that’s how we got here, twenty storeys above the bustling city below, I love my city and I have sworn to protect it, with my life if needs be.

Its just that this is a really long way up and my cape is stuck in the fire escape door. Cost me fifteen quid this cape did, got it off eBay I don't want to rip it or leave it behind.

So I'm using my human power of patience and waiting until someone comes up and opens the door.
It’s a good job I bought sandwiches, Its been three hours so far.

These utility belts are brilliant!

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