Megacity Plumb by @ned400 (488 Words)

In the post-apocalyptic 22nd century, crime runs rampant in Mega-City One.Judges, elite cops do whatever it takes to keep the peace, including sentencing criminals to death on the spot! The toughest is Judge Joseph Dredd.

Dredd walked off the staircase to  the 47 floor. If maintenance didn't fix the lift tomorrow he was going to pay them a visit. With his lawgiver set to incendiary.

After a day and night of fighting scum, Dredd wanted nothing more than returning to the Grand Hall of Justice for a quick 10 minutes in the sleep machine. But ever since Chief Judge Griffin had ordered the senior judges to "intergrate" with the citizens,  he had been forced to take up residence in the Rowdy Yates block. It was a friendly block but he didn't care as long as they obeyed the law.

Tomorrow he would need to get his ribs mended in medivac after his fight with the Angel gang. The trip through the cursed earth had been tough. Dredd wanted nothing more than a shower and a cup of rocafe.

As he opened the apartment door he heard " Oh Mr Dredd!" Stifling a sigh he closed the door and turned to greet the wizened voice.

"Judge Dredd, Mrs Winters." Impassively he Looked down at the old lady stone faced.

Mrs Winters peered up at Dredd's chin.

"Can I help citizen ? " Dredd's bluntness had no effect on her.

"Its my garbochute. Its making some strange noises and smells. Could you look at it for me." Mrs Winters pleaded.

"Call the super." Dredd said turning his back on her.

"But Mr Dredd, the supervisor doesn't work Sundays." The old lady was sniveling now.

Of course it was a Sunday, Dredd always lost track of the days. Mrs Winters was crying now, the sound beginning to hurt his head.

Two hours later Dredd was still up lying under the garbochute in her apartment his utility belt on the floor beside him up to his elbows in rancid water.
"Did you find the blockage yet deary?" Mrs Winters brought over a drink and a cloth to wipe his hands.

Getting up Dredd picked up his utility belt and clipped it on, then wiped his hands on the cloth.

"Its Judge Dredd Mrs Winters. "

"Ill be so happy when you find my contessa figurine. I really didn't mean to drop it down there. "

"Mrs Winters do you mean you knew what was blocking your garbochute all along? " overtired Dredd was on the point of fury. "Wasting a Judge's time is an offence.  The sentence is death. "

Walking away Dredd stomped towards the door. Turning smoothly he palmed his lawgiver and said "Hotshot".

The lawgiver automatically created a round ,loading it into the chamber and Dredd calmly fired the bullet. The garbochute exploded into a fountain of rubbish and food.
Ignoring the old ladys shrieks Dredd walked calmly out of the apartment.

"Time for bed" he said.

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