A Rainy Day In Midgard by @ned400 (500 words)

Thor stared out of the window looking out of his room at Tony Starks mansion, that the avengers used as a base.

The rainclouds were thick and heavy covering the city scape in grey.

Thoroughly bored Thor thought he would give anything for another Chitauri invasion or a fight against the Surtur with Beta Ray Bill.

The Bifrost was damaged meaning he couldn't even travel to Juidenheim to fight a giant.

All the other avengers had taken a leave of absence or a vacation as Stark had put it. Stark himself has taken Peppa to an island in the Pacific whilst Hawkeye was hunting in Nebraska and the Hulk and Capt America had gone to Seattle for an anger management course.

Alone the great god of thunder was getting restless. The rain did not bother him, except the last time he had gone outside and flown to the top of the Statue of Liberty, Nick Fury had scolded him about " unnecessary lightning activity scaring the city".

A knock at the door interrupted his musings. Opening it Thor discovered a small metal disc and an stack of cardboard boxes in the corridor.

Thor thumbed the activation button on the disc, a mini projector that Stark favoured. An image of tony stark in bemuda shorts rose from the device, with peppa sunning herself in the backgrond.

"Hey Thor! Since your home alone bore,I had Jarvis order you some stuff to keep you busy. A bit of D.I.Y. You know Pimp your crib for the ladies." Stark smirked

"Tony!" Scolded Peppa.

Grinning sheepishly Stark replied "Anyway leave you to it big man. Have fun."

The image vanished and Thor looked at the boxes outside his room.
"Well" Thor thought. "It can't hurt. How hard could it be
Mortals do it."

The picture frames went up easily, well once he realised using Mjolnir was a bad idea. Even the lightest tap left gaping holes in the walls or crushed the hooks into oblivion but the pictures hid the damage.

The shelves were harder, silly slivers of wood kept breaking and couldn't even hold a book.
Thor got the hang of them by slowly pushing the shelves into the wall. Once you brushed the dust away they sort of floated, and the angles looked rather jaunty.

Moving on Thor mused out loud
"The God of Thunder doesn't need instructions."
Fourteen hours,two pots of coffee, a box of Krispy Kremes and two trips to the hardware shop for a phillips screwdriver and an allen key later  and he was finished. The wardrobe leaned to the left the doors not quite fitting right. They also covered a crack in the floor where he had thrown Mjolnir after banging his thumb. It still throbbed.

The chest of drawers only had 3 sides, after he sat on it by accident. The bedside cabinet was built upside down and he had a huge pile of bits left over.
Thank the old gods there wasn't an Ikea on Asgard.

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