At the bottom of the garden by @ned400 (499 Words)

The stark grey sky leached color from everything, even turning the moon's brilliance to hues of ash.
The faces watched him again,the eyes of long dead corpses were white now, bleached from the sun.

Not that any regular sunlight seemed to ever penetrate the glen.There was a distinct lack of noise, as if no woodland creature dared to live there beligning the lush vegetation and trees around. A circle of hooded figures stood out against the shade, blood red robes glowing under the wash of moonlight.

The robes looked pristine,glowing in the dark,at first glance,but upon closer inspection stains glistened luridly beneath the moonlight. The marks at first could be mistaken for blood but the thick stains were not crimson. Instead they looked like inky black pools of darkness, welling up from within, gathering in place and overflowing like a morbid growth. Trickles of darkness flowed down the robed folds onto the earth, dropping into small puddles,gathered in streams and collected into a pool.
Where it soaked into the ground it sank deep, occasionally bubbling to the surface, dark of matter and purpose.

The smell of the diseased mud sickened him,making him gag. He tried to move away, unsure why he was here to watch the desecration of, what once seemed a sacred place. He stood behind the red robed phantoms hidden behind a bush out of sight. The smell was so overpowering that it stung his nostrils so covering his mouth with his sleeve he made to leave.

The mud stopped him, encasing his feet, clinging to his shoes.
It seemed to hold him fast and any movement he took to free himself, was to no avail. After what seemed like an eternity one foot was freed swiftly followed by the other. Moving fast to stop sinking he struggled to get away.

Cold stares penetrated his back and instinct made him look over his shoulder to make sure that nobody had seen him.

Nothing.. they were gone. Completely vanished. 

Turning round fully,  he opened his mouth in astonishment,incredulous at how swiftly the red robes had gone. Moving to leave he stopped. Stock still.

Fear dried his mouth and turn his stomach to ice, his heart began to thud in his chest. In front of him the red robes materialised out of nowhere.

One raised an arm towards him and the group mimicked moving as one.

"They killed us! You let them ." Hissed the  voices in union.

He tried to step backwards, his legs buckling under him, throwing him to the mud below, arms flailing in a attempt to stay upright .

They reached out to grab him and ............

"Percy Bungle. If you don't stop playing in that garden, I'll clip you round the ear. And clear those leaves up." Shrieked Percy's mom fiercely.

"Yes Mom. Sorry Mom."

"Soft in the head." Mrs Bungle muttered slamming the door behind her.

His mother already forgotten, Percy picked up the rake, scattering the leaves pretending they were Roman legionnaires..

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