Entrapment by @ned400 (500 Words)

Those two girls over there. Ideal, the perfect candidates. It's dark, desolate,and deathly quiet. Watching from the shadows they look inebriated, zig zagging by the row of cars, hands outstretched to steady themselves. 
Varsity sweatshirts identify the college students, no returning from a party. Another one I was'nt invited to.I'm not going to get upset, no, not tonight, Time to get even.
Will it be different from last time or once the rush of adrenaline kicks in, will it be a haze again. 
They near the last car in the row, so I move swiftly in the shadows to the dark blue stationwagon parked opposite. There's two this time, doubly risky, but the rewards will be so  much sweeter. I need to improvise, I didn't prepare for two.
A quick snap to the drivers window with an automatic centre punch and it breaks. Swiftly my hand tugs on shattered glass leaving, a satisfying line of crimson.

"Damn it." My cursing grabs their attention. 
At first they giggle , alcohol still running hotly through their blood , but the haze evaporates when they see me clutching my bloody left hand.Laughter falls into silence as they walk over the road to see if I'm ok. 
" Hey man! You ok?" the blonde one asks.

"Oh my god! Steph he's hurt."

I mumble, I'm fine, my hand slipped and I need to get home.
My fumbling attempts at the door handle leave a smear of my blood. It's not long before they tell me they're sober enough to help me home and operate the stick shift for me. It's so easy, so smooth and the streets are desolate, no one noticing 2 young girls get into a car with a man at 3 am, I have to try hard to hide my smile.With the doors quietly shut behind them, one in the back seat, one in the front with me, we are soon on the road, and speeding down the freeway. Glancing in the mirror I see the blonde one, Stephanie's  asleep curled up on the backseat with a comforter, her skirt riding up delicously. I fight down my fervour and concentrate on getting back to mine as Tiffany the girl in the front with me drifts in and out of slumber.

Finally we are back at mine.They follow me up into my apartment and Stephanie collapses on the couch. My luck is sublime.
As Tiffany searches through my first aid box she doesn't see me sneaking up behind her marvelling at her figure. Suddenly I reach around, grabbing her. She struggles. So easy and then within ten seconds I'm on the floor, arms behind my back handcuffed, utterly confused whilst both of the girls are shouting in my ear.

"You think your the only one that does this?" Stephanie smiles at my puzzled look.

"Please! Your an amateur. We're gonna show you how its really done."

Tiffany pulls my hair making me look up, sobbing.

"Steph! I reckon this ones a screamer. "

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