Happily Ever After. (368 Words)

Once upon a time, there was a princess, who through a series unfortunate and convoluted events eventually needed rescuing by her guardian angel. The angel saved the day, the princess fell in love, the angel fell in love. The angel gave up his wings, his place in heaven and became mortal for his love.They were married and lived happily ever after.

And that's where most fairy tales end. 

But not this one.

The Princess and her Angel did live happily ever after, for a while. There were no more bizarre events involving evil step mothers who are really witches, no curses to be broken or dragons to slay. Life in the kingdom returned to normal.

Soul crushingly tedious, mind bogglingly mundane normality.

Gabe our former winged hero did alright for a while, he didn't mind the whole not being able to fly any more and having to breathe again was novel for a while. He  took to wearing clothes with much gusto and loved a good hat.

It was the little things that annoyed him to start with like having to wave at every single person they go past in the carriage, the never ending opening ceremonies, the feasts, the posing for portraits ... though he did like being on money.

And god dammit he missed his harp, Earth harps just didn't have the same pitch as he was used to.

But he loved his Princess, so he made do with inferior stringed instruments and developed a super efficient waving system.

And then one day he noticed the smell.

A faint whiff at first, like milk on the turn but it grew stronger everyday. No amount of bathing or aftershave covered it for long and it clung to everyone to some degree.

Apart from babies, they, as long as they didn't need changing, smelled beautiful, full of life and potential.

On the other end of the scale old people were the worst, they smelt like road kill on a hot summers day. Worse still when they tried to mask it with lavender.

Each day  he awoke older and nearer death, each day his own stench grew worse. That's when he realised the true price of mortality.

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