Slipping Away by @Lucy_Magnuson (380 Words)

She could hear the alarms. A discordant scream from another time, another world. She wanted them silenced. Wanted to slip away. Wanted it to end.

Then the voices. There's always the voices. Calling her. Pleading for her to come back to them.

But the darkness was comforting. It was forgiving. She felt safe.

'Kate! KATE!' God damn you open your fucking eyes and come back to us.

She groaned. The noise was just audible over the alarms.

A new noise. A worse noise. The hiss of the suction.

She hated the suction. The way it robbed her of her blissful silence. Her peace.

Her eyes hurt. Why did her eyes have to hurt?

The lights. The bastards had put the lights onto her face. Her face that no longer fit. That no longer wanted to be part of this reality

She wanted it to go away. Far away.

They were shouting again.

Why wouldn't they all just shut the fuck up and let her go. Just drift away. They weren't important. None of it was any more. Just the silence. The silence they wouldn't let her have

A new noise. An electronic whine. It hurt her ears. Oh why the hell did the hearing have to come back first?

A voice. 'Charging!'

Another voice 'Kate for fucksake Kate! We need you don't do this to us!'

Bastards. It was always her. Always. They always wanted her to solve everything. To be the one with the answers. To save the day. To keep coming back. Well not this time. This time she was determined. She was fighting back. Fighting to let go. The empty fentanyl syringe by her side was testament to her determination. Why couldn't they see this?


Fuck that hurt. Really hurt. She opened an eye. Blinded by the theatre lights. She closed her eyes again and groaned


'KATE!! Wake up you bitch'


Fucksake this was getting ridiculous...She made a noise. 'Fuck off you bastards and leave me alone'

'KATE! Will you bloody wake up save your fucking patient'

She looked up. Saw the source of the tinny alarms. The ECG...the fucking ECG SHIT

She wanted out. But the fucking patients always seemed to get in the way. The bastards.