Suffer Little Children (498 Words)

Stepping out of the nothing, I already know the story. I have seen it countless times before, I have already seen everything, even that which is yet to happen.

Some young upstart thinks he owns  a race car, the roads are his circuit. He flies through a stop sign and piles into the side of family saloon.

I am instantaneous for the mother in the driving seat, she has led a good life and doesn't deserve to witness what is to follow. I kiss her on what is left of her forehead and grant her peace.

I am also in the back seat cradling the remains of their eighteen month old daughter, a true innocent. I soothe her, shower her with kisses and send her on her way.

 I know she was born to die, you all are, but this empty, useless shell makes the anger rise in me.

I never asked for this job, there was no interview, you created me. You cast my image onto the end of your lives, I am the end to your means.

I cast the child aside and move along to the young racer. 
He is crumpled, bloody and broken, pinned against the steering wheel.

I seep in to the passenger seat and push him back into his seat, savouring his pain, drinking it in.

His eyes are rolled into the back of his head but I know he can hear me.

"Toby, you know who I am and you know what you have done."

I lean in and let him feel my sweet embrace, letting out a sigh as his soul starts to ooze out of the shattered vessel.

I pull away and watch as his essence reluctantly crawls back in to him.

"You don't deserve to die Toby, you deserve to live with the consequences of your actions, you deserve a life of suffering and pain. 

People will say you were lucky Toby, people will thank god, others will question her. 

Let me tell you now, god played no part in this. 

This is all me."

I leave him knowing my message has hit home and turn my attention, my real fury and vengeance on the passenger in the other car.

He hasn't a scratch on him, he was always lucky. Lucky in life and in love.

I call his name.


His eyes flutter as he struggles to regain conciousness, I wait for him to focus, I have got forever, time doesn't matter to me.

Finally he see's me and I flash him a grin, it doesn't feel natural but it unsettles him nicely.

"David, I am truly sorry about your wife and daughter, they deserved better but I promised you, as I have promised young Toby over there, a life of untold pain and this is me cashing in. It may be fleeting but this is about quality not quantity"

I lean in to kiss him on the cheek and whisper into his ear.

"You deserve this."

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