Third Rock From The Sun. (375 Words)

I slowly drift back into the waking world, rub the sleep from my eyes and check my watch, Six o'clock I don't even know if that's morning or evening any more. Dragging myself out of bed I go over to the window, the view lost its charm a long time ago, staring into the infinite just makes me realise how alone I really am.

There is no time dwell on my failings or feelings there is work to be done. First I check my bloods and do my exercises, make sure I'm in tip top condition both physically and mentally. Secondly I check the status of the pod, all systems are online and everything appears to be still working. 

So that's nice.

Lastly its the daily routine of the video diary, as time drags on I have less and less to say and the entries are getting shorter and shorter but its vital to keep a log ... apparently. The blinking red light, should be my cue to start talking but I find myself blinking back at it, trying to find my words.

"Day 14,365 the time is now ... Nine o'clock, I couldn't honestly tell you what end of the day that is mind. Pod status is good, blood levels are good, body fitness is good. Everything is good and on course. 

There is a new looking system on the horizon. Eight planets of varying sizes orbiting a medium sized sun. Most of the planets don't look too promising ... apart from the third one in.

Its not massive by any means, I'm picking up massive levels of Iron, Oxygen, Silicon, Magnesium and Sulphur. There appears to be large quantities of water and some nice sizeable chunks of land.

Its early days yet but this looks like the one for us gentlemen, I'll keep an eye on it for the next few days or so but if I was you I'd start packing your bags.

Daddy has found you a new home!

Over and out."

I switch the camera off and send the broadcast on its way, I'm that far away now it'll be months before anyone picks it up. 

By the time they do I will be almost there, I have a good feeling about this one.


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