What Goes Up Must Come Down (393 Words)

Debris stopped raining from the sky, the dust started to settle and the full extent of the explosion was slowly revealed.

A soot covered youth holding a zippo lighter, coughs a lungful of smoke back up, feels for his recently departed eyebrows, blinks a few times trying to take in what has just happened and says "Dude we are so screwed."

The dude in question is another youth equally as soot covered, equally as eyebrowless the only major difference is this one is a little bit on fire.

"Dude you're on fire!"

The dude on fire  looks at his cohort and shouts in the fashion of the newly deaf "What? I can't hear anything!" 

Quickly followed up with "Shit I'm on fire, why didn't you tell me?"

The deaf aflame youth, remembering all he ever learnt form public information films does the classic drop and roll manoeuvre and his smouldering inferno is soon extinguished.

Picking himself up and dusting himself off, he strolls over to his partner in crime who is sat looking dumbstruck into the smouldering crater of their creation.

"Shit that's a big hole" The deaf one shouts to his mate.

"What? I can't hear anything I think it's because of the bang" Comes the reply.

"What? I can't hear anything I think it's because of the bang" He replies in turn.

Both look dumbly at the other, Penny still yet to drop.

"Where do you think she went?" Shouts the one to the other.

"What? Do you think she is ok? I didn't see where she went." Shouts the other.

Neither hears the scream that starts to fade into range, nor do they see the ever growing speck descending from the heavens.

Changing from a black dot to a bigger black dot, to a distinctly pink and feminine dot, to an actual female body wearing a pink jumpsuit and screaming blue murder on her way down.

They miss all of this but they do notice the large deluge of water dumped onto them following the pink blots landing in the duck pond.

They turn to look at each other and shout in unison "Penny!" and run over to the pond.

Penny the pink blot is sat in the murky waters with a bewildered smile on her face.

"Dudes that was amazing but we should probably use less gunpowder next time!"

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