Guilt by @Lucy_Magnuson (378 Words)

Judas. Thats what they'd call her. Betrayal. The ultimate betrayal. She couldn't hide her guilt. The evidence was everywhere, and besides her finer prints all over the scene of the crime, her face said everything any investigator would need to know. It was covered as were her clothes.


It was her. No defence.

Lying on her side, screwed up into the foetal position, she hid in the corner, in the dark, quietly sobbing. It was only a matter of time before they found her. And they would. They were coming.

She could hear them. The voices. The banging about. The frantic search.

Her crime had already been discovered. She had heard the screams of the finder. The shouts. The mounting of the search party.

She was too close. She should try and escape but that would just lead to her being found quicker.

Nowhere to run.

She slid into despair, this wasnt the way the day was supposed to go. She was supposed to be with family, friends, not hiding from the justice that she knew would be swift and harsh.

They were getting closer. More angry. Their shouts more determined. Give yourself up now Lucy, things will be easier for you. Cooperate. We'll help you sort this mess out. Tell the truth. We'll work with you.

She knew they were lying. Some crimes were unforgivable. This was one of them. No way out. No plea could save her. She was marked. It was only a matter of time.

Rocking. Rocking was soothing but it didn't make them back off, stop searching, shout any less. They were almost on her. Almost at her sanctuary. If she closed her eyes maybe, just maybe she could keep them away for another few minutes.

But they were here.

'LUCY! Get out form under the bed at once!' her mother screamed 'and come and apologise to your brother for eating all his Easter eggs!'

Crawling out, tears down her chocolate smothered face Lucy looked at her little brother. A mass of snot and tears, muck and bogeys.

She knew an apology wouldn't be enough. But she grovelled anyway. It was worth a shot, but it didn't wok. George still cut all the hair off her Barbie dolls in a fit of revenge.

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