Morning Glory by @Lucy_Magnuson (373 Words)

She was half asleep. That magical place where reality and fantasy blur.

In the darkness she reached out and pulled him in closer, her arms tightly wrapped around his chest.

He sighed as she pulled. The noise from his mouth brought a smile to her lips. The lips that were working their way over his exposed neck. She couldn't resist, never could.

His skin was warm, his scent heady. She breathed him in. a long lungful of the man she loved and would spend her life with. The man who made sense in amongst the chaos

Her fingers traced his chest. Slowly scratching at the body she had worshipped the night before. Her nails dragging on the smooth skin. A little too hard. But she liked the marks it made. Marking him as her property.

She felt him shudder at her touch. No longer asleep but unmoving, unspoken, allowing her to use him. To play

Her hands traced lower. His sharp intake of breath the invitation she needed. The validation that her touch pleased him.

She smiled as she pulled him round. So his lips met hers. Without a sound she kissed. Kissed the mouth that had told her he loved her and always would.

His hands were on her body. Gentle yet controlling, she was melting into his touch, his will. She was his completely.

She was a fallen woman, but she was his fallen woman. The reason she smiled. The reason that she could be strong. He kept the wolves from her door. Her protector.

It was getting lighter outside. The dawn chorus was starting to become unbearably loud. Any second the alarm would sound.

She closed her eyes. Tight against the world but reality was insistent

A tear appeared in the corner of her eye. Worked its way down her cheek. She didn't want to wake. Didn't want the morning. Didn't want the real world crashing in on what time she had left with him.

The alarm sounded but was drowned out by the wail of her cry.

She reached across the empty bed to where he had been seconds ago. The car might have taken him away from her but it never took the pain of waking without him.

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