Paradox (483 words)

I never knew I was a time traveller until I met myself. We were at a bar and I bumped into myself as I came out of the toilet. I had the decency to look sheepish and apologised to myself saying how I always loved this gig and knew this would happen anyway.

I bought myselves a drink and we sat down and had a chat.  I reassured myself that this was ultimately a good thing as I knew that the experiments I hadn't even thought about yet were going to be successful. I told myself to not worry about the monkey, he probably doesn't feel a thing and it was the only way to learn what the parameters needed to be. Better him than us! And with that I toasted myself and made my way through the crowd.

I watched myself leave, not knowing what to think about what has just happened when another me sat down. I looked worried this time and leant in close as if I didn't want anyone to hear what I was about to say to myself. I started telling myself to ignore what I had just said and that time travel was the worst thing that ever happened to me and to not even think about starting my experiments.  Before I could tell myself why I should never time travel another me disturbed us and dragged off the me who doesn't like time travel.

As I craned my neck to watch me drag myself off, I stood in my way and said I didn't need to see that and to ignore what I had just been told as I was just having a bad day and that time travel really is  brilliant. The new me told me I knew I was confused and even offered to help myself along a bit by providing sketches of the device I'll go onto make. My head was spinning and I needed a drink, I got to get up and head to the bar when the original me comes across with three pints saying we all look like I could do with a drink. I downed my pint, excused myself and went to get some air.

As I stood outside I saw at least another four versions of myself all looking for me, I decided enough was enough and turned to run away from this nightmare.  Before I even started running I called out to myself from across the street saying that running away never works and to watch my step. I didn't quite hear what I said and as I stepped into the road a taxi, also driven by me, runs me over. 

It's while I am unconscious that I dream of the vital component in my greatest invention. I still can't decide if I should go ahead and build my time machine but I know I already do.

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  1. Neil SehmbhyMarch 19, 2013

    What an artist! Messes with my mind.