Park Life by @Lucy_Magnuson (395 Words)

The new running shoes are tight. Squeezing my feet. But they'll feel OK once we start running.

Its cold, so we're both head to foot in lycra. You give me once of your smiles, I melt into the car seat. My legs instantly turned to jelly. Under the circumstances this isn't the best form of warm up.

'Ready my love?' you complete your sentence with a wink. I stifle a giggle

'We still need to find somewhere to park the car' I say. I'm looking for space but the road is busy, no spaces. Far too much traffic

'I'll make space' you say and grin. I giggle again. The adrenaline is building. It always does before we run but today we just seem to be manic.

'Its busy. Lots of people are insisting on running today. I think its the weather'.

The sun is bouncing off the car window, the park is looking beautiful, even knowing that my new shoes will be covered in the dog shit that lurks under the fallen leaves couldn't put a downer on the day.

I pull the zip up on my top. You laugh as half my face disappears into the lycra. I pull it further so only my eyes show. You're laughter erupts and warms the corners of my soul.

I am so ready for this

'SPACE' I shout. You slam on the breaks and flip the car, bouncing it into the crappy old focus in front. Thank god for seat belts. There will be a bruise tomorrow but I know you will be there with the ice packs and kisses.

Click. Seat belts off, doors open and running. Running so damn fast. The cold air forcing its way into my lungs. You're ahead of me, as per normal, I always have to run faster than is comfortable to keep up with you, but thats half the fun. Knowing I have to be faster, fitter, stronger.

That and the chase. The chase. Today its just the two fat coppers who couldn't keep up with you in the car. They certainly cant keep up now. We vault the fence, laughing, knowing that they are lagging behind. Knowing you chose the right car to take. Knowing that we will be free to do it all again another day. Another bank, another car.

They cant catch us. We're too fast.  

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