Writers Block by @Lucy_Magnuson (390 Words)

He was a cynical old bastard. Any love of the music had long since gone. Now it was all about the money. He'd perform for Satan himself if it kept him in toys and drugs

The piano, once a joy to touch was in front of him. He needed a new hit. Something relevant. Something to get him back in the charts. But he was old. No one took him seriously any more. Those platinum albums were a life time ago. His life time. Such a long time.

The piano was mocking him with its silence, It failed to give him the inspiration he so desperately sought.

His brain was fried. He thought back to his youth .When this was easy. When the music ran through his fingers without thought. When it wasn't a battle. When it was about art not the money.

The reached for the paper on top of his former love. For a moment he thought of something. A flash of an idea. A seed. Something. Anything.

No. No it was gone.

He sat back on the chair. Tears welling in his eyes. How could he go back home a failure? It had been the same for weeks. Into the studio for 10, sit for 6 hours, maybe pour a large glass of something the Dr said he shouldn't touch, then go home. Make excuses. Tell them that hes working on something different. Something special. Something that will make them a fortune.

It was too much. He would tell them he quit. Tell them he was out for good. He wasn't one of these old stars who could be pimped, lypoed, autotuend to hell and back and repackaged for a new generation of clubbers. He was getting out of this with his dignity intact.

The knocking at the window woke him from his thoughts

'We've got it!' God it was the wanker from the record company 'Look! Look at the headline! I know how to get you relevant again'

He squinted at the corporate monkey. Looked at the paper....

A deep breath in 'Fuck yes, we'll re release that song! It'll sell MILLIONS!'

He leant forward, pencil in his hand, licking his lips

'Goodbye England's rose
May you ever grow in our hearts...'

He giggled manically and adjusted his wig

'Elton my boy, we've struck gold'

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