Brianna by @JamaaLlamaa (491 Words)

She had quietly slipped out onto the balcony to have a cigarette and was peacefully watching the throngs of tourists enjoying the Cypriot night. It was warm and the scent of Giant Orchids was strong on the night air, Brianna closed her eyes and leant back, it had been a long few days and she needed to relax tonight.

The voice in her ear was surprising, but not shocking, she had half expected him to follow her ~ he had made his intentions very clear over the past 48 hours. His fingers gently caressed her neck, softly stroking their way down her shoulders and back, she shivered slightly and enjoyed the feather light sensations radiating out from his fingers.

“Te quiero Querida” he murmured in her ear as he gently untied the straps of her halter necked dress and pushed it down her body, his fingers becoming more insistent, turning soft flesh hard with desire. He lightly trailed kisses down her back, following them with short nips and licks ~ she tried hard not to moan out loud, the other guests were only the other side of the doors and she did not want to be caught in such a compromising situation.

She arched back into his hands, allowing his head to fall onto his shoulder and concentrating on the amazing waves of feelings that were enveloping her, his lips and hands working together to bring her dangerously close to losing control, her breath short and ragged as he carefully peeled her dress away from her.

She stood on the balcony, naked but for her shoes and panties, deliciously aware of people very close but unknowing; the tourists below laughing and drinking and her, so very close to release only a few feet above them.  

His fingers searched out her desire, probing and dipping, drawing a sigh of frustration as they withdrew once again.. “Noooo” she whispered, “Don’t stop”.

She felt his smile against her back and he gently turned her around ~ the desire hooded his eyes and he dipped his head to pleasure her once more. Closing her eyes she moved forward to kiss him and was surprised when he wouldn’t let her. “No, Querida, this is for you” he said quietly and she complied willingly.

His mouth moved back up her body, pausing only to kiss and nip once again, he reached her throat and she sighed, quietly urging him on, begging him not to stop.

The sudden pain was shocking in its intensity, the feeling as his sharp teeth pierced her flesh while his fingers continued their erotic journey made her scream, but no sound came out and she simply slumped to the floor as he continued to slake the thirst that had enveloped him since he had first seen her.

Wiping his mouth on her discarded dress, he smiled ~ these humans were so easy, there was no sport anymore, the thrill of the chase most definitely gone.

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