Lust in the woods. (495 Words)

The fire in her loins roared as she watched the stable boy saddle her steed up. He was only seventeen but she knew she had to have him. But not yet, he could wait until later. She flashed a lustful look at the stable lad who blushed and looked away. She knew he was hers for the taking. In one fluid motion she swung herself into the saddle making sure he got a good look at her pert behind as she did so. She had ridden horses since she was a small child and had thighs that could crack almonds, almonds being harder to crack than most nuts.

She kicked her heels into the stallion and thundered out of the stable out into the paddock and off into the distance. The stable boy watched in awe as the new found lust of his life disappeared into the distance and went on an early lunch to relieve himself.

After an hour or so of hard riding she eased to a steady trot, She came to the clearing where it had happened, the place where she first saw him, Jacques the lumberjack. That was five long years ago now and although she came up here every week without fail they had only met a handful of times. She hoped and prayed her luck would be in today.

Bringing her steed to a gentle stop, she dismounted with the same ease that she had earlier got on with, she stroked the stallions nose, reassured him and hitched him to a fallen tree.

All around her was silent and her eyes darted to and fro looking for any sign of life. She didn't have to wait long until she heard a rustling in the undergrowth and the sound of heavy footsteps approaching.

Unable to wait any longer she started undressing, wanting to be naked and ready for him as soon as he arrived. She was waxed, plucked and buffed to within an inch of her life. No sane man would be able to resist her. The footsteps finally burst into the clearing and they didn't belong to who she was expecting. In the place of her Adonis woodsman stood a short, chubby and rather sweaty fellow.

When he saw the beauty before him a lecherous grin crawled across his face. "Jacques said you would be here, I didn't really believe him." He said as he started pulling off his grubby overalls.  

Disgusted and embarrassed she collected her clothes up and trying not to cry she started getting dressed. The dirty little man, now fully naked cleared his throat to get her attention.  

"Where do you think you're going little lady?" He said motioning down to his ever growing and impressive manhood.

She let out an involuntary gasp and his smile grew even more. It was the biggest she had ever seen, like a toddlers arm holding an Orange.

"Just our little secret." She said as she started undressing again.

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