Modern Love by @Lucy_Magnuson (500 Words)

The stereo was at full blast. It was their song. She always played it loud. Sang along. Letting the music take her into the arms of the man she loved. She smiled. Lost in her secret.

He didn't know she was coming. Or what she had planned.

She had wanted to ask him pretty much after they first met. Well tweeted.

She had seen him on her TL talking to her friend. She didn't usually pick up on the men she talked to, but he was different. There was something about him. So she clicked follow and said hello.

The days turned into weeks and into a blur. They talked incessantly. About music, their kids, politics, films. Everything. He was  perfect.

She hadn't been looking for a partner, But it seemed she had met a soul mate.

So they met. She made an excuse of a reason for him to come visit, he made excuses to come up.

He was shy, old fashioned which seemed contradictory to his youth and outwards rebellious nature, but it just seemed right.

She couldn't pin down the moment when she had fallen in love with him but as she drove she knew that it had pretty much been forever. She couldn't explain it, neither could he. But why should they? Spontaneous was good.

Her friends had warned her to be careful. Didn't want her to get her heart broken after the hell her ex had put her through but he was different. There didn't need to be any reason.

She glanced at the box on the passenger seat. Why the hell not. They had met in a modern way, why not be the one to ask. The one with the ring. It seemed right.. She knew he would say yes. It was all so perfect.

She was almost there.

Parking round the corner she couldn't help but tweet a sneaky clue 'bet you cant guess where I am! #LoveYou'

He'd see it. He always did.

Checking her appearance in the mirror she smiled again. In a few minutes she would be in his arms, they would be engaged. Their future together could begin.

Deep breath. Out the car. Lock the door.

She looked at her phone. Looking to see if he had reacted. Had he seen. Would he be waiting at the door.

The tap on her shoulder surprised her. The phone dropped to the floor. Smashing.

The policeman looked concerned. 'I'm sorry miss but you have to come with me'

'Oh hell is my car OK?' she started to panic. She had no way to get home to her kids if the car was fucked.

'No miss. You know you aren't allowed with 200 yards of him. The restraining order and his wishes are very clear'

The cuffs clicked round her wrists. His stupid fucking wife. Always in the way. The knife in her bag would find that bitches throat soon so he would be hers. Next time. She'd had a reprieve.

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