Taking Back Liberty By Nathan Spong (498 Words)

Word was out. The sheriff had been out of town and outlaw Ned James had taken control. He was holding Liberty City to ransom. But Marshall McCready was back to save the day.

McCready was your typical comic book cowboy; square jawed, blonde haired, suntanned. His beige shirt had a six pointed star pinned his chest and he wore matching silver revolvers.

"We're here today because of that no good varmint Ned James. And we're not going to stand for it! Are you ready?" He hissed.

I looked around at my fellow cowboys as we cheered nervously.

"I said. ARE. YOU. READY?"

We roared approval.

"Then let's move out!"

McCready reared up on his white steed before turning towards Liberty. We rumbled forward, slowly at first but gathering speed as we charged down the hill; the hooves and cartwheels drowned out by the baying crowd.

As we entered the city boundary, I felt something change in the air. If anything, the oppressive desert heat felt hotter. Nerves can play all kind of tricks on a man.

Out of the saloon came an outlaw, shooting blindly. He never stood a chance. We turned as one but McCready had already shot him without a second glance. High on a building in the distance stood a gunman with a rifle taking aim. We dived to the left as his gunshot hit the ground as a volley of gunfire came from the rear of the party, the man falling face first to the ground. Outlaws appeared seemingly at random and from behind stowed barrels and shop doorways, bullets rained in. The smell of cordite was thick as we cut a swathe through the baddies, on to our meeting with Ned James and a meeting with destiny.

James stood in the centre of the town square, hands poised at his sides. McCready was imposing, but James even more so. His black hat and shirt offset his thick stubble and he was casually chewing a matchstick.

"McCready! You ready to draw?" but before the sheriff could answer, James had drawn his gun and fired at the sheriff. McCready hit the ground, he'd never lost a gunfight and couldn't afford to now. James ran towards the far end of town with us in hot pursuit.

Sensing he was now alone, the outlaw stepped from cover with his hands high. McCready lowered his hands but it was a bluff – James reached for his gun. But Marshall McCready was the fastest gun in the west and he drew both pistols and shot James clean through. The outlaw had been defeated, the town had been saved. The sheriff turned to and shouted triumphantly to us.

"We did it men! We just took back Liberty!"

McCready turned back slowly and started walking towards the town, disappearing into the distance.

"And CUT! That was super darlings, but can we go again from 'McCready! Ready to draw?' Thanks lovelies!"

Sometimes being a film extra was just like being a kid again.

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