The Date by @Lucy_Magnuson (387 Words)

She ran across the landing in nothing but her thong. Its official. They were going to be late.

He sat on the bed watching her.

'I don't know what to wear!'

'I thought you were wearing your jeans? You know informal?'

'But they make my arse look huge!'

He couldn't help but giggle at this. She couldn't help but whack the back of his head.

'Baby your arse couldn't look huge if you stood next to a gnat. Its beautiful' he meant it of course. He was totally besotted with her.

'But jeans aren't special enough' she complained. 'I want to look good for you'

He sighed. Why couldn't she see what he did? What everyone who met her did? She was stunning. Totally and utterly.

'Honestly, you always do'

Standing up he cupped her face in her hands and kissed her.

'Now FFS hurry up we will be late. The car is going to be outside in 10 minutes and we are on a tight schedule today'

Just to make a point he slapped her arse.....and ducked.

'you bastard!but you're right. Again'

Sighing, she pulled her jeans on. Despite his assurances, her arse looked enormous in the mirror.

Sensing another delay he threw a top at her.

'If you wear that one, no one will notice your arse....'

He had a point. Tight fitting and very low cut, her tits would look spectacular.

'OK. Just for you. But next time. Next time I am going smarter. Fed up of looking a scruff next to you'

Another giggle. Another duck. He was going to be in trouble later. But not now. Now they had to move.

'Come on. Shoes. And FFS something practical. You know what happened last time you wore heels'

She did. It was rather funny afterwards but at the time...a bit inconvenient.

He stood up.

'Come on baby, the cars here'

'You sure I look OK?'

She was looking in the mirror again. Her self doubts kicking in again.

'Baby you look beautiful'

He pulled her close again and kissed. His soft lips on hers. Taking her breath away.

' face baby. We have work to do'

He pulled the tights over her face and grabbed the shot gun. Time to visit the bank manager

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