Walk With Me by Neil Sehembhy (495 Words)

Here I am. Sitting in the dark staring at the raindrops on the window, dripping like tears. Like the World's crying, just as I am inside. 
The city awoke hours ago. 
People are walking up and down this street, ignoring what's around them.  

I tried to walk; I really did.  But it was just too much for me. I couldn't fit in.

So many people. Oh Man, the people. They permeate my soul, glazed eyes boring through my skin. They should drive me mad, you see. I won't let them. I won't be like them. I just won't. 

I see everything clearly.  Everything! All their sins, desires, unhidden.
They seeps into my soul like rain into the dry, cracked earth.

I can't be like them. Can't give up you see? Walking in droves following the same path like sheep. Driven by the same base desires. 

I'm alone , isolated with the memory of a thousand different stares glaring at me because I'm different. I'm prey to their predator. It is just too much! 

There is only one way to get rid of this torment.  I have to face it.  I have to let the tears bleed out of my skin.  I must release myself from the screams that haunt me and face my fears.

It is the only way…

There across the way I see it a sanctuary to me. It holds everything I need for my future.

The streets are quiet but if I delay, the masses will fill the pavements and I'll fail or be caught.

I can't afford that.

Checking my clothing to ensure I'm  fully covered I push open the door and cock the shotgun I'm carrying, ready just in case trouble raises its ugly head.

Swiftly I cross the street avoiding the gaze of the few walking mindlessly out in the morning air. Breaking the window as quietly as possible I rush into the store, filling my knapsack swiftly with what I need.

Giving the devastated store shelves a cursory last look I  opened the door cautiously checking if I've been spotted.

The street is teeming with them. They are everywhere. How? I've only been inside for a few minutes. Panic sets my heart racing and fear pours through me mixing the air with my pheromones.My stench is overpowering drawing them to me like moths to a light.

Swallowing my weakness I revel on the bitter taste and burst out of hiding gun blazing shot after shot laying waste to all and leaving a swathe of bodies in my wake.

Sprinting to the car I hurtle inside and close the door.
Moments later I'm speeding down the road uncaring of who gets in my way.

It's been 9 weeks now since the virus took hold, turning everyone into the dead. The living dead still walking the streets as they used to.

I'm not sure if I'm the only one alive but I do know I'm the only one not walking. 

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