Godzilla Vs. Careerra (441 Words)

This wasn't the life he imagined when he was a child but to be fair he wanted to be a Godzilla when he grew up and part of him still does.

He sits watching the call waiting light blink at him relentlessly and imagines rising from the ocean and laying waste to all that lies before him. Eventually he realises that the person on the other end of the phone isn't just going to go away and he reluctantly lifts the receiver.

"Hello, yes, Benjamin speaking how can I help you?" He says parroting the script with the lack of enthusiasm that has infected him of late wincing as the engineer starts his tirade of abuse about matters completely out of his hands and of no real importance. After the first twenty seconds or so he stops listening and sees himself fighting Mothra on an anonymous desolate island. The engineers rant increases in volume interrupting his daydream so he resorts to his standard reply of "Leave that one with me and I'll come back to you ASAP" and promptly hangs up.

"SCreeeeeeeeeeonk!" he roars under his breath.

This gets the attention of Owen the resident in the next cubicle. A man with an impressive twenty five years of unflinchingly loyal service behind him. "Who was that Benji?" he says with his standard soulless chuckle.

For a split second he debates mentioning for what would be the nine thousandth time that he doesn't like being called Benji because it sounds like a dog's name but decides against it. For another split second he imagines crushing Owen like a fly with his gargantuan reptilian foot. Finally he decides to go with the mundane truth "Jock hasn't had his parts, customer is going ballistic apparently."

The colour drains from Owens face as this sinks in, "but … but .. but they assured, ASSURED me they would be sent out last night!" he stammers with panic in his voice. "Leave this one with me Benny I'll get onto it now …if you don't mind."

"No worries Owen, you knock yourself out." Benjamin replies, cursing himself for not being able to find a different take on his nemesis's name. In the six months they have worked together he has tried his best to rile Owen but really the best you have is "O". He had even tried different pronunciations, personally favouring the drawn out pig like "Oweeein" but nothing fazes him he is just focussed on the job in hand.

Owen busies himself on the phone and Benjamin retreats once more into his fantasy world with only the thirty one more years to go until retirement.

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