Happily Ever After By Chi Yau (460 Words)

Once upon a time there was a young woman named Cinderella who lived in unfortunate circumstances.  She was unjustly oppressed by her wicked stepsisters and stepmother.  Invited to a ball to be a potential bride for Prince Charming the wicked stepsisters and stepmother destroys Cinderella’s dress.  Cinderella is saved by her Fairy Godmother bestowing a blue dress and glass slippers upon her.  The Fairy Godmother transforms a pumpkin and some animals into a carriage and horses.  
But the spell will be broken at midnight.   
Cinderella meets Prince Charming at the ball.  They dance and fall in love but the clock starts to chime at midnight.  Cinderella flees and unknowingly drops one of her glass slippers.  
Eventually when the Grand Duke visits every household in the land to try on the abandoned glass slipper and it’s proven that Cinderella was the owner and her and Prince Charming get married and lived happily ever after...........
............Five years have passed and Cinderella and Prince Charming are living together in a wonderfully built silver palace.  
It’s late and Prince Charming arrives home, takes his cloak off and kicks his boots off slumping into the grand chair.  After a while he decides to go and find Cinderella.  He finds her in the kitchen due to the heavy rattling of pots and pans.  
“Are you OK honey?”
Cinderella looks at the Prince and notices red lipstick on his collar.  She carries on tidying up and slams one of the cupboard doors hard and walks away without further acknowledgement for the Prince.  Prince Charming tries to console her but she walks too fast up into the bedchamber leaving Prince Charming alone downstairs.  The Prince notices in the dining court two plates of uneaten food placed upon the table.  A card is placed upon the table setting saying “Happy fifth Anniversary!”  Prince Charming sighs.
The Prince grabs a beer and the leftover food and walks into the lounge slumping back into the Grand Chair.  Remote in his hand he turns the TV on and kicks back with feet up.  He hears someone coming down the stairs.
Cinderella appears dressed in a black dress as if she’s ready to go out.
“Where are you going? It’s late as it is” he says.
“While you’re going to slump in that chair I’ve decided to go out with the girls”.
“The girls?”
“Yeah.  Me, Snow White, Aurora and Belle are going to Princess Fiona’s for pre-drinks then we’re hitting the town!”
“You’re going to that ugly bitch’s place?”
With that she walks to the door, exits and slams the main gate shut.  Prince Charming looks in disbelief then looks back at the TV, chewing some steak and then he belches.

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