Rinse Set and Perm (142 words) by @neilsehmbhy

Mrs Hamiltons disapproving words and stares fractured the silence. Jenny swallowed her anger.
Finishing off Mrs Hamiltons hair, she leaned forward and a waft of a sharp smell assaulting her nostrils. The womans perfume ,floral and cinnamon scents, that made her head pound.
Another smell lay beneath. A smell she hated and dreaded, an odour so terrible it remained engraved into her nightmares
The acrid stench of burning flesh filled the air, rank and fetid.
Within seconds the salon was filled smoke. Mrs Hamilton had started to combust the aroma of cooking meat and burning fat filling the air. Jenny grabbed the fire extinguisher but it was too late. Mrs Hamilton was gone, lost in the flames.
Placing her hand over her mouth and nose in a attempt to banish the awful smell she started to cry. It had happened again..."

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