Soft and fluffy by @neilsehmbhy (131 words)

Opening the wooden box in the hotel bathroom, he recoiled, horrified.
Nestling within the box, white and shining, was a cluster of cotton wool balls. Stepping back, he collapsed onto the floor. The thought of those soft fibres squeaking as they pressed against his skin induced goosebumps. Wrapping his arms around himself he rocked to block out the fear he'd had his entire life. Just thinking about cotton balls made his skin crawl. Flash backs of his mother washing him with silky soft cotton balls, slick with soap made him shudder. Peter moaned quietly, remembering them being rubbed deep into his skin, leaving their mark. Thinking back to his mothers last moments he remembered her face calm beneath the bath water, drowning. Her constant molly coddling had drove him to it.

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