The Further Adventures Of Kevin McIntosh Wizard In Waiting (496 Words)

It's been six months since the unfortunate incident at Ballyforth comp and Kevin McIntosh is walking home after another long boring day at school. 

Having promised to turn over a new leaf after making his entire year temporarily vanish, Kevin has been a model pupil. Admittedly he hasn't won any more awards, but everyone knows that's for the best really. As a reward for his new interest in a traditional education his parents have agreed to enrol him in a few night classes to harness and understand his powers.

The mishaps are few and far between now, and it's been weeks since he found himself in another realm. Everything is going swimmingly and yet he has never been so bored.

He knows he is destined for greatness, wizards always are, but he dreams of going to a wizarding school where he could meet other kids like him,  go on adventures and slay dragons and stuff.

He is day dreaming of vanquishing a dark lord and saving the day while walking down the towpath on his way home. He doesn't see the group of youths blocking his path until he walks, literally, into them.

Snapping back to reality he blinks dumbly at them, not knowing what to say.

"Look what we've got here lads." Says the largest and thus the leader of the youths. Cracking his knuckles in what he thinks is a threatening manner.

"Now look chaps, I'm awfully sorry for intruding like this, I don't want any trouble." Says Kevin putting some extra plum into his voice knowing how much it'll annoy the neanderthal.

"Are you a college boy?" Cackles the leader, his cohorts follow suit and laugh along loudly.

Kevin gives them his best smile and summons even more plum. "Oh gosh no, I wish! I'm at Ballyforth at the moment but hopefully next year, fingers crossed, it's Oxford all the way!" 

"You think you're better than us don't you posh boy?" Asks the ever angrier leader.

"Well I wouldn't say better as such, I mean we'll always need cannon fodder and binmen and the like." Kevin waves his arms for extra emphasis on the low grade jobs he deems his tormentors worthy of.

"Whats wrong with Binmen? my dad's a binman!" 

"I'm shocked you know who he is." quips Kevin.

"I'm going to smash them posh boy teeth down your throat you little scrote!"

Kevin smiles to himself, his teacher has drummed into him that magic should never be a weapon of aggression but can be used as a defensive tool. As his foe winds his back to launch a comical haymaker of a punch Kevin points at him and says.

"todos ustedes son los gatos!"

A spark crackles from his finger and the sound of baying laughter is replaced by confused meowing. 

Kevin smiles down at the clowder before him, lets out a content sigh and continues on his way home, maybe it isn't so bad round here after all he thinks.

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