The Journey by @mrsbumsmith (315 Words)

She needed to get away. She needed to go on a life changing journey. She needed to discard the monotonous certainty of her life like an old pair of knickers, once a loved pair of lacy thongs, now a pair of grey over the belly affairs. Her life was good once, but now it was quite simply mundane.

 She prepared mentally for the journey. She knew where to start it and where she would like it to end. She reminisced, 'If only life could be the same again' There was no going back. She hoped that the journey would help her regain her once youthful vitality. Her lust for life had bowed and ebbed, like the waves of the ocean. It now lapped at the safe, sandy beach. She craved her previous life that was like a tsunami. Huge, unpredictable waves crashing down on unsuspecting spectators. But there had been a change in the tide. That momentous occasion to change her forever for good.

With these memories fresh in her mind she mentally prepared. This journey would help her become the person she once was. She knew that the residue of that person was still there. It hadn't been totally replaced by the new duller, opaque her.

There was no more thinking left to do. Her waiting was coming to an end. The vehicle that would drive her on to her new beginning was about to arrive. She gathered her thoughts and her belongings and leaped into her new future. The past was gone, her then can no longer be her now. She was going on this journey for the good of her well being. If only to find a semblance of her previous incarnation.

 The new Mum stepped onto the bus 'one single adult fare to Manchester please' And that was her, hurtling towards her now, her first day at her new part-time job.

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