The Mother Of All Evil (331 Words)

The incubators hum, barely audible over the sterile labs silence.  Statue still a lab coated scientist hunches over a microscope marvelling at her latest creation. Each generation mindlessly reproduces, the masses of progeny evolving  whilst cultivating successful traits from previous strains.

It has only been a few months but she already knows they are her masterpiece.

They are relentless, destroying anything she introduces into their environment and at times the environment itself. Their hunger is phenomenal and is only rivalled by their hostility. In the early days of the experiment she tried to merge separate samples so she had a bigger cluster to work with. Within days the stronger sample had devoured the weaker. At first she was frustrated at the loss but soon came to begrudgingly admire the tenacity of her creation and began trying to see just how far the virus would go to carry on living.

Its survival instinct continually stunned her; she had never seen anything like it before. They constantly adapted and thrived in any terrain she planted them on.

She briefly debated destroying them as she knew the damage they could inflict out in the open, but here in the sterile confines of the lab they were safe and she had grown attached to them.

A colleague taps her on the shoulder making her jump and she reluctantly drags herself away from the microscope blinking and rubbing at her tired, raw eyes.

"How are G18 doing?" Her workmate asks.

"Amazingly well." She gushes, "I dropped the temp to below zero for a few days and am slowly increasing it again. They hunkered down for a while but are starting to blossom again now."

Clearly impressed but with an air of fear in his voice he replies "They are hardy little blighters, just make sure they are kept locked down we really can't afford to have them out in the wild. Have you even named them yet?"

"Yeah I think I'm going to call them Humans."

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