The Ritual (491 words)

The three girls nervously link hands, forming a circle around the crudely drawn pentagram on the church floor. Their eyes flit from one to the other each looking, waiting for someone else to take the lead.

After a few raised eyebrows and hissed threats, Cassie nervously starts the ritual. "Emoc ot su ew dnamed ti, emoc ot su ew dnammoc ouy"

The candles on the altar flicker as the other two join in with the chant. "Emoc ot su ew dnamed ti, emoc ot su ew dnammoc ouy" over and over they repeat the ancient words, growing in confidence, speed and volume with each round.

Thunder rumbles ominously in the distance, the candles go out plunging them into darkness but still the girls spill their words into the void.

"Emoc ot su ew dnamed ti, emoc ot su ew dnammoc ouy"

Lightning hits the church, the stained-glass window depicting saint Cecilia's martyrdom shatters sending shards raining down onto the teenagers who are lost in the trance of their chant now, the words now tumbling out in a furious flurry "Emocotsuewdnamedtiemocotsuewdnammocouy Emocotsuewdnamedtiemocotsuewdnammocouy"

A blue orb of light explodes out of the pentagram sending the girls skittering across the stone floor.

Silence envelopes the chapel, the storm abates as suddenly as it started and one by one the girls pick themselves up.

"Has it worked?" asks Cassie crawling from underneath a pew.

"I can't see him" replies Tasha, "where's Becky?"

An otherworldly voice echoes across the empty house of God. "You dare disturb my slumber?"

Stood in the centre of the throbbing and glowing pentagram is a deceptively youthful looking, naked old man. Becky is lay at his feet, her head turned around at an impossible angle. He glares down at her, prods at her with a hoof and giggles "You mortals have always been so deliciously fragile."

Cassie approaches the demon and addresses him, "Sir Cliff we have summoned you to defend our realm from the greatest threat it has ever …"

She doesn't get to finish her sentence as Cliff reaches out with lightning quick speed, plucking her head from her shoulders, her body stands for a few seconds before collapsing in a heap on top of Becky. Holding Cassie's head in hands Cliff looks mournfully into her eyes and gently places a kiss on her lips. A smile creeps over his ancient face and with a chuckle he tosses the head over his shoulder, it lands in the font with a splat and a splash.

Tasha realising they have bitten off far more than they could ever chew. Slowly, tries to sneak away from the macabre scene but her movement gets Cliffs attention.

"Where do you think you're going my precious? You must have awoken me for a reason"

Still backing away Tasha delivers the news that mankind has feared since the dawn of time. "It's the Bieber my lord, its hatched and it's far, far worse than we ever imagined."

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