The Sisterhood by @lucy_Magnuson (485 Words)

They worked by candle light, the scratching of the quills over the rough parchment acting as an accompaniment to the background hum. The faithful hard at work before evening prayers.

There was always need to copy the Book, always more coming to the flock, in need of guidance, in need of support, of hope in the chaos. Life had little hope in the Age of Darkness

The crops had failed this year, the Abbey was over run with pilgrims and the desperate, families hoping for shelter and food. To access the famed nursing skills of the Sisters who resided within the stone walls. Safe from the Barons who taxed and worked the serfs to an early grave.

And they shared. They shared their meagre supplies. They always did. It was in the Book, in their teachings, in the words of the Messiah. You didn't look out for the self, you provided for fellow believers, for those who knew he was the chosen one. The one who loved them. Faith in him kept them strong.

Sister Antoinette watched the candle burn. It would have to be extinguished soon. Light was a precious commodity in the long winter months. But evening prayers were her favourite time of day and as much as she wanted to complete her embellished letter tonight, it could wait. Her love for Him was far greater than any pride in her work.

Extinguishing all but a couple of the candles, the Sisters shuffled along the cold corridors, their feet bound in the sandals they had made when they promised their lives in devotion to Him and his word.

Antoinette looked at her robes, they needed cleaning but clean water was more precious than the candles and pride, while not a sin, was unbecoming. Her duty was to Him, her life in servitude to spread his message, to help fellow believers.

The chapel was full, as expected. Tonight was one of the holiest of nights in the Sisters calendar, the background hum overwhelming, Antoinette found a corner to stand, to reflect, to prepare for the ritual. To show her devotion to Him.

Father Merek raised his hands. And so it began,

'Sisters, pilgrims, children of the true flock. It is upon us again, the night we show our love for the one true Saviour, he who loves us and shall show us a way out of the darkness'

The winter winds picked up outside, the hum in the chapel peaked with them. The Sisters looked up briefly, but it died back down, back to background levels.

Father Merek reached for the Alter, raising the knife, he took it to his wrist 'Sisters, let us Cut for Bieber'

As Antoinette sliced her knife into her skin, she heard the hum of the Geiger counter. 750 years since the great cleansing and still the true Bieliebers waited for Justin to come save them from the darkness.  

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  1. AnonymousMay 06, 2013

    Excellent piece of prose produced by the sultry Lucy.