A Magical Evening by @Neilsehmbhy (500 Words)

He had the decency to look her in the eyes at least and not stare at the top of her head. The only one that didn't treat her like a dumb dwarf. That didn't stop him from helping of course. Even though Petunia was twice as strong as him, Kevin insisted on carrying her cauldron and tomes. And he looked the other way when she launched the Elf that was bullying him out the window.  

Accordingly at his old school Ballyforth,nothing stopped him from using magic. But at Windblem's powers were only allowed in class, especially after Petunia had turned the admissions clerk into a teapot.

Kevin had a temper but if you took magic away then he was just a skinny kid with anger issues. So Petunia had become his unofficial protector. Although Kevin mouth still did get him into trouble,
Each time those piercing blue eyes locked onto hers she felt sorry for him.

It had taken him three weeks to pluck up the courage to ask her on a date. Holding him up against the lockers helped spur him along.

And so they had decided to go the cinema to watch a film.
' Y Bwytawyr'. Kevin said it was a 'Classic fairytale', but Petunia had looked it up on the wizard's net and wasn't convinced.

It had taken Petunia hours to get ready, cleaning a  mythril chain mail dress wasn't easy. Still it was gleaming when she had finished.

They had met at a eatery close to the cinema, some Scottish place that put burnt pieces of cow rump into small bread rolls. There was no roasting haunches and mead and the unseen bard played very strange music. Still Petunia had politely munched on the burgga and ignored the stares.

After they had eaten they walked over hand in hand to watch the film. Petunia only crushed his hand once, when a metal chariot nearly ran her over.

As they stood in the queue to buy tickets Petunia heard giggles and crude laughter behind her.

'Two adults to see Y Bwytawyr
please. 'Kevin asked the attendant.

'Its a 12A mate. Your birds too young.' The attendant replied lazily

'No she's an adult. ' said Kevin going red in the face.

'Look mate, she's a kid. She needs a booster. ' Petunia had turned scarlet and was clenching her fists as popcorn hit her head.

'She's a dwarf.' said Kevin through gritted teeth, mortified.

Petunia looked down at the floor missing her staff, that she had left at home.

'Dwarf mate no need to frikking tell me. Still can't see it.'

'Give me the tickets' Kevin shouted waving a £10 note.

'No!' Said the attendant

Kevin furiously bellowed 'Sharazz am mattraaa'

Kablamm. Smoke filled the cinema and when it cleared everyone had turned into Stone..immovable states standing around.

Kevin tugged her hand and said
'Come on Petunia. Let's watch the film.'

Petunia sighed putting her head against his side. She loved a bad boy.

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