A New Eden (397 Words)

Orbiting Earth at a little over two hundred miles, space station nine made for an odd Garden of Eden. The sterile environment was devoid of botanical life, the air had a medical taint to it and was circulated by the ever thrumming fans and the two crew members still breathing it were the last human beings alive.

War had broken out six years previously; old grievances once again surfaced. Only this time no one backed down, no truce was agreed. Mutually assured destruction was ignored and mankind was pushed to and then beyond the brink.

In her full prime SS9 was home to a team of six astronauts picked from across the globe. The project was a relic from a peaceful time, international harmony and cooperation. they had sat and watched in dumbstruck awe as humanity had destroyed itself in a glorious nuclear firework display. 

Comm links were still live for a few months after the bombs fell as the political and rich elite hunkered down in their bunkers and desperately reached out to one another. The crew dutifully followed their mission orders until the comms finally stopped. The last one was a sorrowful plea for forgiveness from president Kornev. Avel had translated it for his companions, locked himself in the latrine and slit his wrists.

Janssen was next, no one touched her or actually went as far as openly pointing out her importance as the sole female but the mood on board changed. She went out to perform some routine maintenance and cut her tether, waving as she slowly drifted into the void.

Chaos descended soon after. Rogers stabbed Cho in the throat over an argument about toothpaste. Palmer and Koresh were rightfully terrified and in mankind's last act of survival of the fittest they made a pact. 

Together they spiked his food, bound him and loaded his sleeping body into the waste disposal. It was Koresh who pressed the compact button, who pressed the discharge button but it was Palmer who held him and watched the still twitching crushed shell of man vanish into the distance.

That was a long time ago and now their orbit is ever deteriorating, the rations are all gone. Their only hope is the untested escape craft and a return to a barren planet.

What lies ahead for them only god knows but at least they will have each other.

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