Do or Die by Terry Edwards (493 Words)

They say your life flashes before your eyes moments before it comes to its end .I've often thought why this is so and that perhaps the experience is similar to the tunnel of white light that supposedly accompanies the final journey
To be honest though I didn't believe it and even if it was true it would be impossible to convince others.

A year ago to the today I realised that the phenomenon is indeed real and I'd like to put forward my own theory for its existence.

The sweat dripping down my forehead into my eyes on a cold February day was the first sign that something was terribly wrong, my eyes began to twitch involuntarily and my mouth became desert dry
My legs soon began to lose their solidity and my heart began to beat like a badly made timepiece and then it happened.
Images started to appear in my head, like old faded photo's I hadn't seen for a long time but they were definitely of me, hazy scenes of early childhood, pre-school friends that I had forgotten about, summer afternoons by the seaside and my mother holding me in her arms
Image replaced image, scenes dissolved into others like a demented photo album being flicked in front of my eyes.

The scenes were becoming clearer now, I wasn't just a witness to them, I was there ,I could touch my surroundings and all my senses were alive in these moments but they were still haphazard and I had difficulty focusing for any length of time before moving on to another event. The winds of my history were blowing through me, tornados of thoughts, hurricanes of visions but all suddenly became still and a single clear episode remained.

I was suddenly re-experiencing an episode from my early twenties when I collapsed in the High-street, crowds gathered and watched my motionless body and I watched them dumbfounded, unable to mutter simple words that would save my life. A kind old lady with within the throng of onlookers realised what was wrong, ‘you’ve had an allergic reaction haven’t you, do you have a epinephrine shot with you'.

'I do, I do' were the words I managed to mutter and these were the words that saved my life.

'I do, I do were the words I found myself uttering again and with them I awoke from my visions to a packed church, the vicar standing in front of me and my wife to be beside me nervously waiting my answer.

The silent church gasped in relief and I placed a gentle kiss upon my wife's cheek.

You see at a life threatening moment your mind and soul revisits the stories of your life to find an appropriate solution to save your life and 'I do' were the words I needed again to save me from the hands of my dear wife and her family.

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