O'Hannigan's Downfall (492 Words)

I was walking back to my office after waking up in the gutter and breakfast at Kats, I had the eggs and a vat of coffee. The night before had been a heavy one, I couldn't really remember, but my empty wallet told me it must have been good. 

Some bum with a brown paper bag full of hopes and dreams asked me if I had any spare change. I told him I needed a driver and offered him the job; all we had to do first was find my wheels. He laughed as if I was joking; I tossed him the keys, told him hurry up.

Three blocks and half a bottle later we're best friends, we found my car in an even bigger mess than when I left it. It's hard to say it was set on fire or filled lead first, either way I was just glad I wasn't in it. I told my friend his services weren't needed after all, so with a shrug he headed off back to wherever it is bums go. I watched as he rounded the corner already missing him, when some yahoo leaned on his horn and shouted that I can't park there.

Everyone in this town is a freaking comedian, and I let him know how funny I thought he was by flipping him the bird. The car screeched to a halt and the funny man got out. He was a lot bigger than me so I reached inside my jacket, made like I'm going for my piece. He didn't know I wasn't packing, thought better of it and got back in his car.

Counting my blessings I headed back across town wondering if the day could get any worse, it was a rhetorical question that God answered by sending a thunder storm my way, the lousy rat bastard. 

By the time I get back to the office I'm  a drowned rat, the door had been kicked in but I was past caring, I just wanted to get some shut eye and a warm drink. I've got a bottle of scotch in my desk, it's the only thing I keep there to be honest. It's a bad neighbourhood, but the rent is cheap. 

I breezed past the broad sat on the couch I was hoping to use a bed for a few hours got myself a drink and told her she owed me for a new door.

She told me she didn't owe me a damn thing and that after last nights performance I owed her and her partners. I told her to watch her mouth and how I didn't really remember a lot about last night.

She rolled her eyes, fished around in her pockets and threw a wedge of cash at me. "Twelve hours O'Hannigan, Twelve hours and I want the chief of police dead and buried. Then you'll get the rest."

This day just kept getting better and better.

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