Success by @Lucy_Magnuson (454 Words)

'They hate me. They all fucking hate me. Why the hell do I put myself through this?'

'But you wanted this my child. You said you wanted to be famous. Successful. You have it. You have it all. Don't go complaining about it now'

She looked at him. He still looked the same. After all these years. While she? Well, she'd grown up. No longer the child easily manipulated. The teenager craving a career. The girl with a talent but no lucky break.

He could give it to her he'd said. The handsome man in the well tailored suit.

The suit had changed. Well, she thought it had. Subtle changes to go with fashion, but he always had the same look to him. Untouchable. Untraceable. Yet alluring. You couldn't resist his offers. The offers that seemed to good to be true.

They usually weren't. But the cost. What about the cost?

'The cost is minimal child' He'd told her ten years previously. You get to launch your career. You will be successful. People all over the world will hear your sweet voice. You have a rare talent. It should be shared'

'No. No I cant. Not like this' her reply. She was smart as a child. Could see something not quite right about the deal.

So he waited. And returned. 2 years later. A new suit. A new look. Still handsome.

'You can have everything you want. You just have to sign'

Two years. A lot can change in two years. But not her resolve. 'No. I cant sign that over to you' so he left.
Then she tried to get a career. Get heard. Get past the AR offices. No one would take her. She wast edgy enough. Her music while good, wasnt packageable. Not marketable. She couldn't be sold to teenage girls like herself, so no. they couldn't make money from her so fuck off.

This time, the third time she signed to him. She still remember how he looked at her. How ill at ease she felt. But too late. She belonged to him.

'Come on' he said 'They're all waiting for you'

She wanted to run. To get away from the man who had made her. Promoted her. Given her everything. She didn't want this any more. Not like this.

Instead she did what she always did. Took a breath. Head held high. Walked onto the stage. Different stage. Same difference. God damn ceremonies.

No one listened to her words. Her voice. They just complained she was back. Again. Overload.

Twitter went into meltdown

'FFS Emeli Sandé  Again. She would sing at the opening of a crisp packet'

He walked away. Looking for a new soul for his collection.

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