The Early Days Of Spring by @JamaaLlama (318 Words)

Spring was coming, I could smell it on the wind.. that slightly sweet hint of new life emerging from the bleakness of another harsh winter. I blinked and stretched, the feeling slowly returning to my limbs, stiff from inactivity.

My eyes slowly adjusted to the daylight, and life came into focus. Around me the noises of the world starting up ~ the rising sun pulling people from their beds, strangely eager to start their day.

“It looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day” I thought, and started humming cheerfully as I went about my daily routine. Today was the day to kick into gear and get on with jobs.

Ablutions finished, I moved quickly on to tidying the house, amazed by how dusty things looked in the sunlight ~ I tutted, this just wouldn’t do, I liked things to be orderly, just so, “I might have a spot of that OCD” I chuckled to myself as I worked.

Jobs finished I decided to get out of the house and see what was to be done outside. The sun welcomed me and my Circadian rhythms urged me on ~ “Things to do, places to go, people to annoy” I announced gleefully and scooted out.

I saw the new family that had moved in to next door and thought now would be the time to go and welcome them properly, winter had made me unsociable I realised, I needed to rectify this straight away. “I’ll buzz over now and say Hello” I thought, “No time like the present”.

As I reached their front door I decided to announce myself properly.. “Hello, Hello” I called out ~ and that’s when it hit me, God knows what it was, but it’s the last thing I remember.....

Jim put the rolled up paper in the bin and walked indoors “Bloody wasps” he remarked to his wife “Just killed another one”.

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