The Greatest Show On Earth (360 Words)

Lanterns line the path that runs from the farmhouse and on down through the wood,  showing the excited party the way forward. 

Since his big win and after the messy and very public legal battles with his estranged family were dealt with, Carl became a recluse. He bought the farm of his dreams and buried himself in the work. There were rumours of nervous breakdowns, tramp beards and midlife crises so when the invitations arrived people were pleasantly surprised.

On they walk enjoying the warm summers evening wondering what lies ahead for them. Guesses are made some closer than others, but no one expects the sight that meets them as they reach the clearing in the forest.

At a modest forty foot across Big Top is maybe a slight exaggeration but it is the best description for the yellow and red candy striped tent that greets them. 

Noticing his guests arrival Carl emerges from within and beckons them with a cheery "If you think this is impressive you should see inside!" 

Sofas and beanbags surround a small dancefloor that butts onto an equally modest stage. "Make yourselves comfortable and help yourselves to drinks." Says Carl gesturing to the numerous fridges dotted along the walls. 

Always uncomfortable in the spotlight Carl flits from group to group making sure everyone has drinks until enough has flown that the guests, his friends, finally started to help themselves. 

With a reasonable amount of Dutch courage in him Carl takes to the stage and taps the microphone like he has seen in the movies. The audience falls to a hush and wait for their host to speak, " Thank you all for coming, hopefully this will be a bit of a regular thing. As you all know I love my music, it's how most of us came to be friends. Anyway I'm rambling so I'll just say ladies and gentlemen it gives me great pleasure to introduce Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band!" 

A few people in the crowd clap as the trio take to the stage, Carl hops off and finds himself a seat, the lights now thankfully lowered, hiding the grin plastered across his face. 

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