A Child Of Our Time (424 Words)

By the time I make it to the delivery suite she is already six centimeters dilated and chewing on the gas and air as if her life depends on it.

It probably does.

I smile at her before I realise I have my mask on, so I calmly, warmly say "Jasmine it's Doctor Connors, now you're doing really well but I need to ask a very important question."

Her pain addled eyes roll towards me, I think she sees me so I carry on.

"Jasmine, I know this hurts and we'll get you some proper pain relief in just a tick but I need to ask this. Have you been taking the hormones every day like we discussed?"

She blinks slowly at me through the pain. I hope to god this silly little girl has been able to do the one thing I asked of her.

"Jasmine, this is important ..." 

Her head lolls back and a low moan falls out of her mouth.


This snaps her back to reality and I can see the fear in her eyes as she begs, "Doc you've got to help me ..."

"Have you been taking the hormones Jasmine?"

"Of course I have." She says between sobs.

"Every day?"

"I might have missed one or maybe two but that's all I promise."

The stupid bitch can't be trusted to do anything on her own. I storm over to the cabinet, find the Biosol and load a syringe with 1000 IU. "Better safe than sorry", I grumble to myself.

She has the audacity to smile at me as I come towards her with the needle. "Thanks Doc, just a little something to take the edge off that's all I need."

I say nothing as I find a vein and push the plunger home. She sighs as the drug starts to flow through her, I could let the placebo effect do its job but she has annoyed me so I say "It's too late for pain relief Jasmine, that was to try and help save the kid."

She spits at me and starts to cry "You bastard, you promised ... you promised."

"Yes and you promised to take your meds didn't you? I'm afraid you've only got yourself to blame for this. Now lets have a look at how we are doing shall we?" 

She is fast approaching ten centimeters and my heart starts to race, I look up from between her legs and offer her another mask hidden smile.

"Good girl Jasmine, you're doing really well I can see the Hooves!" 

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